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Kardemir to produce railway wheels and freight cars

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kardokmak and Karcel, subsidiaries of Turkish integrated long steelmaker and rail producer Kardemir, will soon begin output of railway wheels and freight cars, according to Kardemir general manager Fadil Demirel.

As the only producer in the Middle East able to produce 72 meter long rails, Kardemir is now targeting production of railway wheels at Kardokmak; the tender process for this investment will begin soon, Platts learned.

Karcel is currently working on producing freight cars, with commercial output scheduled to begin after testing in 2014, Demirel said.

Kardemir is also set to begin production of high value-added products, including spring, bearing, tool steels, free-cutting steels and pre-stressed concrete strand used in the automotive, OEM, machinery, construction and defence industries.

The producer recently installed the main body of the new blast furnace No.5, which will become operational in February 2014 and will have a production capacity of 1.2 million metric tons/year. It will raise Kardemir's crude steel capacity from 1.8 million mt/y to 3 million mt/y. The company’s other ongoing investments include a new coke plant, continuous casting plant and increasing converter capacities.

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