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Israel's Shaul Gueta to upgrade shear, open new scrap yard

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Israeli ferrous and non-ferrous scrap company Shaul Gueta is set to improve the quality of its steel scrap with a shear press upgrade, and to streamline logistics with the opening of a new yard in Ashdod, import and export manager David Zoaretz tells Steel Business Briefing.

A key investment is the renovation of the shear press. This should bring the company's heavy melting scrap 1&2 (70/30 blend) in line – in terms of quality and therefore pricing – with West European exporters. "The shear upgrade should be completed by June this year," Zoaretz says. "This will bring our offers up to where West European exporters offer on a CFR basis to Turkey."

Indicating the current differential between East Mediterranean and West European 70/30, a Lebanese offer last week at $400/tonne CFR Turkish ports compared to $419-420/t CFR Turkey from West European suppliers.

Shaul Gueta is looking to bring its material to parity with Benelux and German suppliers. The Israeli company sells to numerous Turkish steelmakers. "We are moving our facilities to Ashdod, where we will be a few minutes from the port and next to an industrial facility there," Zoaretz says.

Volumes handled will remain the same at the new facility: 15,000 tonnes/month of ferrous and 1,500 t/m of non-ferrous scrap; however, it has the capacity for larger volumes, Zoaretz adds. Shaul Gueta planned to purchase a new shear in late 2011, and Zoaretz did not rule out the possibility of new equipment.

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