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S&P Global Commodity Insights researches, analyses and publishes over 370 steel price series for a range of steel products in each major world steel and raw materials market. Our steel prices are obtained by regularly telephone polling the market.

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Flat Product Steel Prices

Steel prices - flats

HRC Prices 

domestic: Brazil   China  India  Japan  Mexico
               N.America*  N.Europe*   S.Europe   Turkey

export:     China   Turkey   Russia  Ukraine   

import:     East Asia*   Europe   Middle East  Turkey



HDG Prices

domestic: Brazil  China   N.America   N.Europe   S.Europe

export:     China

import:     East Asia   Europe   Middle East   Turkey






CRC Prices

domestic: Brazil   China*  Mexico   N.America   N.Europe*  
               S.Europe   Turkey 

export:     China   Russia   Ukraine

import:     East Asia   Europe   Turkey



Plate Prices

domestic: Brazil   China    N.America   N.Europe
               S.Europe   Turkey

export:    China   CIS

import:    East Asia   Europe   Turkey



NYMEX Futures HRC (1 month & 3 months)

domestic:  N.America 1 month**    N.America 3 months**

Long Product Steel Prices

Steel prices - longs

Rebar / Debar Prices 

domestic: China - Shanghai* China - Beijing 
                Europe  India  Japan  Mexico
                Middle East   N.America* N. Africa

export:     Black Sea   China   Turkey*

import:     East Asia*   Europe   Middle East



Wire Rod (mesh quality) Prices


domestic:  China   Europe   Japan   N.America

export:     Black Sea  Latin America  Turkey

import:     East Asia   Europe



Merchant Bar / Light Sections Prices

domestic: China   Europe   N.America

import:     East Asia   Europe



Seamless Tube & Pipe Prices

domestic:  China*   Europe


Wire Rod (drawing quality) Prices

domestic:  Brazil                   

export:     China



H Beams / WF Beams / Medium Sections

domestic: China   Europe   Japan   N.America

import:     East Asia    Europe



Shanghai Futures Exchange Prices

domestic:   Rebar - 1 month**

                 Rebar - 3 months**

                 Wire Rod - 1 month**

                 Wire Rod -  3 months**

Tubes & Pipes Prices

Seamless pipe (219x6mm)

domestic:   China


Welded tube, S235 (50-170mm dia)

domestic:   Europe


Welded pipe (HR industrial, 48mm dia, 2mm wall)

export:   Turkey


Seamless tube, S355 (60-160mm dia)

domestic:   Europe


Welded pipe (114x3.75mm)

domestic:   China


Welded pipe (standard 2" dia black ERW)

domestic:   N. America 

Semi Finished Steel Prices

Steel prices - semis

Billet Prices

LME Billet (3 months bid/offer)

LME Billet (Cash bid/settlement)

domestic:  China  India

import:    East Asia*  Turkey    N.Africa

export:     Black & Baltic Sea*
               China    Latin America   Turkey



Slab Prices

domestic:  China

export:     Black Sea   Latin America

import:     East Asia



Stainless Steel Prices

Steel prices - stainless

CR 304 2B Prices

domestic:  China   N.America   N.Europe  S.Europe

import:     East Asia




CR 430 2B Prices

domestic:  China    N.America



HR 304 Prices

domestic:  China

430F Drawn Bar 8-25mm dia Prices

domestic:  Europe

Alloy Surcharge: 304 Coil Prices

domestic:  Europe   N.America


Alloy Surcharge: 316 Coil Prices

domestic:  Europe   N.America


Alloy Surcharge: 420 Bright Bar  Prices

domestic:  Europe


Alloy Surcharge: 430F Bright Bar  Prices

domestic:  Europe 


Nickel Prices

LME Cash seller & settlement**


CR 316 2B Prices

domestic:  N.America  N.Europe  S.Europe 


CR 430 BA Prices

domestic: N.America  N.Europe  S.Europe 


CR 202 2B Prices

domestic:  China



304 Bright Bar 25-80mm dia Prices

domestic:  Europe

304L Bright Bar 25-80mm dia Prices

domestic:  Europe

Alloy Surcharge: 304L Bright Bar  Prices

domestic:  Europe   



Alloy Surcharge: 316L Bright Bar  Prices

domestic:  Europe



Alloy Surcharge: 430 Coil Prices

domestic:  Europe   N.America



Charge Chrome FeCr Prices

import:    China*    N.Europe  

Scrap Steel Prices

Steel prices - scrap

Shredded / Shredded Auto Prices

domestic:  Europe    N.Europe    S.Europe    Japan Okayama       Japan Utsunomiya     N.America*

export:     N.America   Rotterdam



Dealer Bundles Prices

domestic:  N.America



OA (plate & structural) Prices

domestic:  N.America*   UK


RMDAS Ferrous Scrap Price Index domestic US

Total US:  Prompt Industrial Comp.   Shredded    HMS 1

North Central / East:   Promt Industrial Comp.   Shredded
                                  HMS 1

North Midwest:  Promt Industrial Comp.  Shredded   HMS 1

South:  Prompt Industrial Comp.   Shredded   HMS 1


HMS 1/2 80:20    /  Heavy   /  H2 Prices

domestic:   China   Japan Utsunomiya   
                 Japan Okayama  N.America*
Brazil (Del. Mill)* 
                 Brazil (Ex. Works/manufacturer)*

import:      East Asia*   Turkey*



#1 Busheling Prices

domestic:  N.America*  



Shindachi Bara (New cut, unpressed)

domestic:  Japan Okayama   Japan Utsunomiya

Clean Steel Scrap

Brazil (Del. Mill)* Brazil (Ex. Works/manufacturer)*


Brazil (Del. Mill)* Brazil (Ex. Works/manufacturer)*

Austenitic Stainless

Brazil S.E. domestic (Del. Mill)* Brazil S.E. domestic (Ex. Works/manufacturer)* Brazil N.E. domestic (Del. Mill)* Brazil N.E. domestic (Ex. Works/manufacturer)*

Raw Materials Prices

Steel prices - raw materials

Pig Iron Prices

domestic:  China

export:     Black Sea   Brazil



Ferro-Alloy Prices
Electrolytic Manganese Metal

export:   China*



Ferro-Alloy Prices
FeSi (min 75% Si)

export:  China*



HBI Prices

export:  Venezuela 



Iron Ore Contract - Fines Prices

export:  Australia    Brazil



Iron Ore Contract - Standard Sinter Feed

export:  Brazil



Iron Ore Forwards import China

Credit Suisse   Deutsche Bank 



Zinc Prices

LME Cash seller & settlement**


Coke Prices

export:  China  Australia



Ferro-Alloy Prices

export: China* 



Ferro-Alloy Prices
SiMn 65% Si, 17% Mn

export: China* 



Iron Ore Spot Prices

domestic: N.E.China

import:     China*



Iron Ore Contract - Pellet Prices

export:     Brazil



Iron Ore Contract - Lump Premium

export:     Australia



Tin Prices

LME Cash seller & settlement**

Freight Prices


Capesize Iron Ore

Brazil - China     Brazil - Rotterdam       W.Australia - China 



* indicates price series updated weekly

** incidates price series updated daily 

all other series are monthly, with the exception of the iron ore contracts, which are quarterly. 


Disclaimer: S&P Global Commodity Insights prices are intended solely for use as guidelines. They should not be relied upon to make (or refraining from making) any business investment or other decision. S&P Global Commodity Insights is not responsible for any use of the Content by you. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and fitness for any purpose of the prices contained on this Site.


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