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February 2013
How The Steel Market Works - Atlanta 2013
Atlanta, United States
20 Feb 2013 Event Details »
March 2013
How The Steel Market Works - Dubai 2013
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12 Mar 2013 Event Details »
May 2013
Steel Markets Europe 2013, 9th Annual
London, United Kingdom
22 May 2013 Event Details »
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SBB Meets are informal networking sessions in a variety of locations around the world.
SBB Conferences are large events with 2 days of presentations and lots of networking opportunities.
SBB Fun events vary from boat tours, horseracing days, and sporting events.
SBB Seminars are focused on current topics and a great learning opportunity.
SBB Dinners are offered around the world with fantastic networking and sponsorship opportunities.
SBB Training executive courses offer unbiased knowledge and hands-on experience delivered by independent experts.

“The feel was intimate even though it was a very large gathering.”

Mr Rick Frio, IMC Supply Chain Services


“The recent shale play tubular conference in Pittsburgh was great. I was pleasantly surprised to see, as a whole, that the speakers spent more time informing the delegates about shale and industry knowledge rather than about their respective companies. I will definitely attend more Platts conferences in the future.“

Mr Narayan Bhargava, SDB Steel & Pipe


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