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29 Jun 22 Turkey's CRC exports boosted by strong demand from EU, US
29 Jun 22 UK formally extends steel import safeguards despite WTO-related concerns
28 Jun 22 Tosyali Algerie aims to export 1.4 million mt of steel in 2022, up 20% on year
27 Jun 22 UK Prime Minister indicates steel import safeguards will be extended
27 Jun 22 Turkey sets new duties on steel product imports from some OIC member countries
27 Jun 22 US steel imports stay steady in May, but rebar surges
27 Jun 22 US to raise to 35% tariffs on certain steel, aluminum imports from Russia
24 Jun 22 UK begins review of trade barriers to steel coils, bars from five countries
24 Jun 22 Russian Severstal’s steel production capacity down 20%-25% as sanctions weigh
23 Jun 22 Turkey's January-April seamless pipe imports rise as inflows from Italy soar
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