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LKAB declares force majeure as strike idles Norway railway - 28 May 2012

Swedish iron ore miner LKAB has declared force majeure as a result of a major strike in Norway which has completely halted its rail shipments from Kiruna to the port of Narvik.

The strike at the Norwegian Rail Administration stopped rail movements on Thursday at 6am local time. There has been no progress in the talks and LKAB said its stockpile at Narvik is running short.

“We have no information on for how long the strike may continue, but we will notify to all concerned as soon as this Force Majeure event has come to an end,” the company said in a statement on its website on Monday.

LKAB said its marketing division will contact customers to discuss management of the situation.

The strike involves three of the four main unions in Norway and relates to salary claims of public sector employees.

Prior to the breakdown of its KK4 pelletising plant, which restarted on 12 May, LKAB was producing 80,000 tonnes/day of iron ore pellet.


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