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US imports likely up 6% m-o-m in April - 2 May 2012

The USA appears to have imported 6% more steel products in April than in March, according to government statistics released late yesterday. Final licenses to import steel in April stood at 2.79m tonnes, compared with the March preliminary import count of 2.63m t.

Neither total is final, however the license and preliminary import figures provide indicators of actual imports.

Large increases occurred in the imports of a number of products, with the greatest jump noted in coiled plate, which rose 152% in April to 182,301 t from 72,448 t in March. Spikes also occurred in imports of hotrolled sheet, up 41% to 240,029 t; hot-dip galvanized sheet, up 37% to 170,501 t; hotrolled bar, up 28% to 143,091 t, and wire rod, up 27% to 114,008 t.

Decreases were seen month-on-month in imports of semifinished steel, down almost 8% to 604,647 t; cut plate, down 11% to 107,336 t; and rebar, down 29% to 69,718 t. More minor decreases were noted in imports of OCTG, down 4% to 295,949 t, and line pipe, down 3% to 211,765 t.

Imports from Nafta partners Canada and Mexico decreased in the April-March comparison, both down 18% to 406,897 t and 213,930 t, respectively. Shipments from Japan also dropped, coming in at 187,311 t in April, down from 233,417 t in March.

Increases occurred in imports from Brazil at 361,011 t in April, up from 296,703 t; Korea, at 303,497 t, up from 246,225 t, and Russia, at 227,342 t, up from 169,076 t.


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