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CIS billet prices hold firm on strengthening demand - 30 March 2012

CIS billet export prices
12 March - 9 April 2012

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12 Mar 12

19 Mar 12

26 Mar 12

2 Apr 12*

9 Apr 12*

FOB $/t

 600 - 620 

 595 - 610 

 600 - 615 

 600 - 615 

 600 - 615 

* SBB forecast, except announced surcharges

Prices of billet offered from CIS producers – currently Russian and Ukrainian – and traders have remained strong at and above the $600/tonne fob Black Sea levels, market sources said. The $600-615/t fob Black Sea price range has held for the past two weeks, with little exception.

With some mills already dipping into May output, Ukraine is seen as most active in selling billet at the moment from the Sea of Azov and Black Sea ports, at prices starting at $605/t for the Middle East markets and up to $615/t fob Black Sea to Southeast Asia. Traders sold Ukrainian billet at $605/t fob Black Sea this week for a 10,000t lot.

Market sources are quietly optimistic about the prospect that Southeast Asian sentiment offers to the Black Sea exporters. A considerable consignment sold at $660/t cfr Indonesia was effectively done at $615/t fob Black Sea, they point out. "This is of course for a large consignment of 40,000-50,000t, going from single port to another single port, but it is possible today, if the product mix is right," a major trader explains.

Smaller lots also command strong prices, even pre-payment lots for which one Ukrainian producer managed to achieve $605/t fob Black Sea a few days ago, according to a trader. With 30-40% prepayment, straight sale would be equal to $610/t fob Black Sea, he adds.

On the whole, since the majority of big players are not in the market, and still with offers of $620/t fob Black Sea about, the "working level" is described as being $600-610/t fob Black Sea, depending on the origin, destination and the terms of sale. The sentiment for next week is still uncertain, sources conclude.


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