Platts Frequently Asked Questions
1.) How can I register for an event or conference?
2.) Can I have a refund if I don’t get my entry visa?
3.) Do sponsors have any control over the content of the programme?
4.) Does SBB book my hotel for me?
5.) Does SBB organise my entry visa?
6.) Does SBB provide a list of delegate names?
7.) How can I specify my special dietary needs / special access requirements?
8.) I can no longer attend. Can I have a refund?
9.) I can’t come any more – can I send someone else in my place?
10.) I received an invoice at a discounted rate, but the invoice is expired, can I still get the discounted rate?
11.) Is my hotel and flight included in the delegate fee?
12.) What is a Featured Delegate and how do I become one?
13.) What is included in the delegate fee?
14.) Will I have access to the presentations of the speakers?

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