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Platts FOB Black Sea Steel Billet Rationale

Thursday, 30 September 2021

S&P Global Platts assessed CIS export billet at $595/mt FOB Black Sea on Sept. 30, unchanged from Sept. 29.

A trader reported an offer from some CIS mills at $605/mt FOB Black Sea. Another trader reported an offer at $605/mt FOB for Ukrainian billet. He added that billet from some smaller mills may be still be available below $600/mt FOB Black Sea. A trader in North Africa put offers at $665/mt CFR Tunisia, which netted back to $610-$615/mt FOB Black Sea. He added that buyers’ tradable values were more than $10-$15/mt lower than offers. A Russian trader reported tradable values at $590-$595/mt FOB Black Sea. No data was excluded from the assessment. The above rationale applies to the Platts daily FOB Black Sea billet assessment, with the associated market data code: STBLB00

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