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CFR SE Asia H-beam prices rangebound on muted trading activity

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Wide-flange H-beam import prices into Southeast Asia continued to stay rangebound within the month of September from August, as the market continued to see muted trading activity.

S&P Global Platts assessed the price of wide-flanged S275JR H-beams sideways month on month, at $960/mt CFR Southeast Asia Sept. 30.

“Singapore buyers have not really made any enquiries from us this whole month,” a Singapore-based trader said. “Stockists here have had it rough, and sales have been really bad for us this year. Construction activities in Singapore have been dead stale. There were some enquiries from buyers in Indonesia, but they dropped the discussion after hearing rough estimated levels of around $1,000/mt CFR.”

Thailand-origin offers were held sideways month on month, and indicatively ranged between $960-$965/mt CFR Singapore, with buyers again heard not showing much bid interest. Tradable levels were heard at a maximum of $960/mt, on a CFR basis, Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, sources said that South Korean beams within the month continued to see quiet interest from the sell side, with no active offers heard, as the sell side had little urgency for exports.

-- Samuel Chin

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