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 West India-China
IDBFI00 - DBF W India-China Panamax - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 West India
IOFWI00 - IODEX Fgt West India $/WMt - , $/t  XX-XX   Aug 31 dXX XX% 
IONBI00 - IODEX NtBk WIndia PMax $/Dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
IONBW00 - IODEX NtBk $/dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Aug 31 dXX XX% 
 East India
IOFEI00 - IODEX Fgt East India $/WMt - , $/t  XX-XX   Aug 31 dXX XX% 
IONBE00 - IODEX NtBk $/dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Aug 31 dXX XX% 
 Brazil export
IONBB00 - IODEX NtBk $/dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
IOFBC00 - IODEX Fgt Brazil/Cape $/WMt - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 Brazil - Rotterdam
IOTBE00 - Capesize Iron Ore/ Brazil-Rotterdam - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
IOFAC00 - IODEX Fgt Australia/Cape $/WMt - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 Australia export
IONBA00 - IODEX NtBk $/dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 South Africa export
IONSA00 - IODEX NtBk $/dmt - FOB, $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 South Africa
IOFSA00 - IODEX Fgt S Africa $/WMt - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 Australia - India
CDBFAI0 - Met Coal Dry Bulk Fgt Aust-India - Panamax - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
 E. Australia - China
CDBFA00 - Met Coal Dry Bulk Fgt E Aust-China - Panamax - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
CDBUB00 - Met Coal Dry Bulk Freight US-Brazil $/MT - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
CDBUI00 - Met Coal Dry Bulk Freight US-India $/MT - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 
CDBUR00 - Met Coal Dry Bulk Freight US-Rotterdam $/MT - , $/t  XX-XX   Mar 31 dXX XX% 

d: daily; w: weekly; m: monthly; q: quarterly; y: yearly;

Values are price indicators for orders placed during the month, for subsequent delivery. Prices may be nominal where insufficient transactions have occurred. S&P Global Commodity Insights believes its prices are accurate and based on the best knowledge available, however we cannot be held responsible for any decisions based upon them. Terms & Conditions

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