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Steel Price Report is a supplement to the Daily Briefing, and as a stand-alone package that contains all our finished and semi-finished steel price assessments in one convenient location.

Platts Steel Price Report is included with a subscription to the Daily Briefing and delivers all of S&P Global Commodity Insights and TSI finished and semi-finished steel prices in one easy-to-use document. The report highlights important daily, weekly and monthly steel price movements and offers fundamental data trends. In addition, it provides some key analytics from  Steel Data & Analysis and the World Steel Association.


Platts Steel Price Report Package can be purchased for access to important daily, weekly and monthly steel price movements in the report along with access to the  SBB Price Analyzer to view and analyze fundamental data trends.


Platts Steel Price Report provides the ultimate reference for those using S&P Global Commodity Insights or TSI steel prices in their contracts.


Other features include: 

  • Prices organized by product (HRC, CRC, Plate, etc.)
  • All regions and country assessments of those product categories listed
  • Ability to get a complete, global glimpse of a steel product from one table
  • Released before the Daily Briefing, so customers have access to the prices faster
  • Prices linked to the Price Analyzer to aid quick and easy analysis of the prices in the report

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  • Platts Daily Briefing Global Edition is one of the finest resources I have come across. All stories and information are regionally and globally relevent and accurate. I depend on it for my daily update on the happenings of the steel industry of which I am a part of.

    Mr Christian Reyes, Namasco

  • I think that your publication is a powerful weapon in times of crisis, to predict the future of our business.

    Mr Pedro Teles Oliveira, Metalvile

  • Very accurate and concise news and information daily in our inbox. It is amazing!

    Miss Luara Fukumoto, Itochu, Brazil

  • With the market and its volatility, Platts has become a more useful tool than the torches used to cut the material.

    Mr Joel Costonis, Executive Developing Investments LLC

  • …excellent publication on the world wide steel industry, informative and up to date.

    Mr Michael Albrecht

  • Platts is the best and most informative Steel industry publication. A must read for everyone in the industry.

    Mr Jerome Williams, Steel Dynamics, Inc.

  • Platts gives me a global perception on what is going on in the market… It is a powerful tool for negotiating steel prices.

    Miss Irene Arias, FAMA

  • Excellent coverage. Complete and comprehensive.

    Mr Pedro Braga, LOGOS Engenharia


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