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Steel Business Briefing Ltd (SBB) was formed in London in 2001 by a small group of steel professionals. On 1 July 2011 Steel Business Briefing Group, including sister companies The Steel Index and Gas Business Briefing, was purchased by Commodity Insights, a division of S&P Global. The 'SBB' brand name has now been replaced by 'S&P Global Commodity Insights'.


SBB's philosophy was, and still is, to serve the global steel business with quality news, prices, research and events.  For more information about S&P Global, please visit their websites at: www.spglobal.com.



What we do

Our information products bring you closer to steel facts and other steel people, and have become an essential part of our customers' daily business.


Commodity Insights publishes in 8 languages original, independent and global steel news and price information. We produce reports, conduct market research, create maps and hold events around the world. 



Key products and services include:


  • Daily Steel News - Daily Briefing
  • Weekly Steel News - World Steel Review
  • Industry Reports including Analytics CHINA, Steel Raw Materials Monthly, Global Market Outlook and Insight
  • Steel Industry conferences and events
  • Executive steel training courses
  • Steel Wall maps
  • Prices for over 370 steel products


Who are our Clients?

Commodity Insights services are a reliable source for people doing business throughout the steel industry including senior executives and decision makers at steel mills, traders, distributors & stock holders, service centres, suppliers, end users (eg. Auto and construction), logisitics & shipping companies, banks & finance institutions, associations and government bodies.


What do our Clients say about S&P Global Commodity Insights?

"We are into a business which is higly competitive and price sensitive. We have to ensure that we spend wisely enough, so that our margins are not only protected but also grow annually. Steel not only forms a major portion of our annual spend but also, to a great extent, decides 'functional' and 'aesthetic' attrbutes of the product and so the commodity is strategic in nature. Platts has been instrumental in providing insights into the industry aspects viz. new capacities, demand-supply, price trends (RM, input costs, FG, etc.) new developments; to help base our business strategy. Overall, it has helped us to have an improved view of the global steel industry. "

Mr Ashutosh Bhute, Mahindra Systems and Automotive Technologies Ltd


"Platts does a great job of summarizing all of the key happenings in the China steel market in the newsletters they publish. Not only do they report price changes, but they offer reasons why prices are fluctuating based on past and present trends.

Ms Michelle Ebert, 3M


"I absolutely love Platts. It has great info. I do not know how you can gather so much info in one day! Really great!"

JW Transport LLC


"Platts is excellent. speedy info, generally accurate and simple easy read style. A great service to the industry "

 Mr Bob Brannan; Duferco, UK


"I have found the information of great use in analyzing market trends and forecasting. In fact, since the trial I was able to determine the next price increase in raw material-billets within 5USD of the true cost." CARIBBEAN STEEL MILLS


Contact Us

If you have any questions about your S&P Global Commodity Insights service, you can call one of our local offices - you'll find all our contact details including telephone numbers in Contact Us. We also enjoy meeting our customers regularly so if you are close by one of our offices, please visit us to say hello!


Information about the ownership of Commodity Insights may be found by contacting UK Companies House (http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/). 


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